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What Is Employee Purchasing?

Employee Purchasing makes it easier for your employees to get the products they need without draining their household budget on high interest rates. This benefit is ideal for middle income families who need a short payment plan to buy high-dollar items, such as appliances, electronics or vacations. As an employer, you can offer that payment plan interest-free to your employees at no risk to your business.

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Results That Make a Difference

Results That Make A Difference

Imagine seeing the quality of life of your employees and their families dramatically improved because of a voluntary benefit your company offered. Now imagine that benefit being free for your business to provide. It’s a no-brainer. Here’s how other businesses are helping their employees live better because of employee purchasing.

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Ready to Give Your Team the Benefits They Need (But Won’t Tell You They Want)?

Giving Your Team the Benefits They Need

Do you employ many middle-income families? If so, you might not be aware yet of a need that’s not being met in their life - a need to make important household purchases responsibly without drowning in high interest rates or fees...

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Looking for a new benefit your employees will love?

Looking For A New Benefit Your Employees Will Love?

Talk to a member of our team to see what’s possible with these programs and why they’re loved by so many employees across the country.

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